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Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! New Year, New You

Traditionally, the start of a New Year offers the promise of a fresh start. In Hawaii we have the added luxury of extending our window of opportunity through the end of the Chinese New Year which is celebrated this year beginning February 8, lasting until February 22.

As 2016 and the year of the Monkey begins, what is your vision for yourself and your family? What would you like to have more of, less of, be better at, or rid of once and for all?

Happy New Year!Bringing order to your surroundings is a proven way to support your personal plans and goals. By jettisoning the old—those stale and dated habits and items which may have become comfortable but impede progress—you literally clear space for what you wish to realize.

We’re not talking total renovation here (although Trans-Pacific can skillfully arrange that as well). Sometimes the smallest changes result in the greatest benefits. An objective look at your home or office can uncover hidden resources which we can fine tune to support your New Year’s goals.

  • We can’t set you out the door to run, but can re-design a non-used area of your home into a fitness center, or a pampering home spa.
  • Don’t have space for a full-on home office? Let us carve out a workable and productive area for you within another room.
  • Entertaining? Wish to be proud to invite friends and associates to your home? The secret is designing in flexibility for easy transitions from personal to social gatherings.
  • A carport/garage that not only houses your vehicles (imagine!) but provides additional storage or a tool bench or other recreational ephemera.

If I knew who said it, I’d give them credit, but we agree that “The best life is a series of daring excursions from a secure and orderly base.” Instead of trying to go it alone again this year, why not make like the smart, quick-witted and ambitious monkey and reach out to an Interior Design professional to realize your goals for 2016?

Published by: Susan J. Moss, ASID, LEED Accredited Professional in Active Blog, Residential Design

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