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Interior Design in Hawaii – Creating Aloha

Skillful Interior Design Can Bring Joy Into Your Life

Since we're located in Hawaii, it naturally follows that our interior design and decorating philosophy is all about aloha. Of course I’m not referring to the “hello” or “goodbye” aloha translation popular with visitors. Rather, I’m thinking about the powerful Aloha Spirit! That special feeling and attitude that directs people in Hawaii to treat each other kindly. Respect for nature, and the desire to emulate her breathtaking beauty. Aloha is what helps our clients and our design team find true inspiration. Surrounded by nature’s palette in these beautiful islands, we strive to bring its joyful colors into your surroundings. Having nature as your background brings peace and joy into your space.

Used with permission from James Cohn

Interior Design on the Big Island of Hawaii - lanai pictured

Reflections of nature Used with permission from James Cohn

The Interior Design Process – Giving You Some Aloha

I’ve been an interior designer in Hawaii for a long time, and I know that getting to that “I love what you did” place is a process for both the client and our design team. The process has its ups and downs. At times it can be painful, emotionally draining and confusing. As professional interior decorators we are constantly aware of how our designs impact our client’s lives - and so we dig. And we dig some more until we are satisfied that we have found the true manifestation of their desires. Believe me, it really helps to have the aloha spirit during this process!

Bedroom design on the Big Island of Hawaii

Our design inspiration is nature itself. Used with permission from James Cohn

Speaking of the aloha spirit and treating others with aloha, I would like to share this little “Love Letter” with you. While this was written to interior designers all over the country I find special meaning in it. I see the aloha spirit!

A "Love Letter" to You from Your "Collective" Clients!

Poem By: Angela Merola
(Motivational speaker and Interior Design Trainer)

You are a creative wonder!

Your talent, like thunder, roars and we run to the window and ask, "Did you hear that?"

We look for lightning and we see it in your eyes as another idea strikes.

You are co-creator of my future; that which my eyes have not yet seen but my heart knows when it is seen.

You are a dream maker; an ambassador of beauty drawing forth that which flourishes in the depths of my heart but that which I quickly forget.

You are my permission to live in a space that supports my soul.

You are my soul sister, my soul brother who stands

by me and for me

to reveal my heart

and wrap me in physical expression.

You are my voice that I always wanted but didn't know the language to speak.

You are my courage to stay the course.

You are my Angel, the "Master Connector" gathering the perfect materials and people to build my dream.

You hold Super Powers;

"Agent of Dreams"

"Creative Prodigy"

"Problem Solving Phenomenon"

"Masterful Intuit" .....

that make sense of what I am saying, and not saying,

creating something better than I could ever imagine.

Although I looked "together" and tough,

you noticed I was scared.

Scared to stand in my highest Self.

Scared that something or someone might hijack my most precious longings.

Thank you for seeing me without making a fuss.

Thank you for taking my hand,

for guiding me

for showing me

for teaching me

for leading me through this process

for being gentle and patient with me on this journey to my awakening.

What greater gift is there?

Thank You!

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