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Trans-Pacific Design & Volunteers Help Make a Wish Come True

Completing an interior design for a Hawai'i bedroom within two weeks is a challenge. What's the secret?  A very important deadline! Our client:  a 16 year old girl with brain cancer. Her wish? Re-decorate her bedroom. Here on Hawai'i Island we're fortunate to have many generous people that donated their time or employees to make this wish come true!

Design Challenge: Light and Dark contrast
Steve Urbick volunteering his time for the Trans-Pacific Design Make a Wish project

Here is Steve Urbic hanging the sheer polka dot burn-out curtains. He volunteered his carpentry skills as well.

With a request for dark purple walls and a lavender ceiling, we had the challenge of keeping it from being too dark and depressing in the room.  You can see what painting the walls, ceiling and doors pink did for the "before" pictures! The addition of white crown molding, Hunter Douglas shades, sheer curtains, picture frames, closet and entry door, all give the eye relief from the dark, creating a contrast which adds life to the scheme.

Thank You to the Volunteers and Suppliers!

We were very mindful about disruptions to the family during this process. On the positive side, the parents were able to spend more quality time with their daughter, while we had her bedroom torn up. Home Depot provided and installed the flooring Gillyn asked for. We installed a vinyl floor that looks like plank flooring. It's very durable, can withstand potential future wheel chair use, is easy to clean, and not as messy to install as real wood flooring. Importantly, we didn't want to add anything into the air that might further endanger her health.

Home Depot's crew arrived early in the morning and finished the job by mid-afternoon! And, the room wouldn't have been complete without generous donations from: America's Mattress, Sherwin Williams Paint and Hunter Douglas.

Here is Mike Godfrey, (left) another fantastic carpenter who helped with closet doors, trim and securing that hanging basket chair to the ceiling that Gillyn wanted!

And who would have thought that the cute white lingerie dresser we found in Kailua-Kona was in a thousand pieces? Here’s patient Bill Sanborn working on all those little pieces! Thank you guys!!

And who would have thought that the
cute white lingerie dresser we found
in Kailua-Kona would arrive in a thousand pieces? Here’s patient Bill Sanbornworking on all those little pieces. Thank you Bill!

 We had STP Painting clean and paint the walls and ceilings.

STP Painting cleaned and painted the walls and ceilings.

Everyone in our office got into the spirit. We learned that one of Gillyn's favorite things was red velvet cake, so Mary-Kay Cochrane made a red velvet toss pillow for the bed!

Trans-Pacific Design completed a project for the Make a Wish Foundation in Hawaii with the help of Dolores and Racine

Dolores and Racine worked on the installation and getting the finishes and furnishings here. This was a project that we could all get into!

We humbly appreciate the recognition...

Trans-Pacific Design won an award from the Hawai'i Chapter of The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID Hawai'i) for the design of the room. Not only did we feel good about helping Gillyn, but we received recognition for a job well done. It ended up a win-win project for everyone!

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